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Earn While You Learn with Our Student Rewards Program

If you are a student in grades 1-12 with a parent or relative who is already a member of the Credit Union, the first step is for you to become a member yourself by opening a savings account with the minimum deposit of $5.00. Then:                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  1. Bring your report card into the Credit Union at the end of each marking period.
  2. For each “A” on your report card*, up to five (5) “A’s” per marking period**:
    • Your CU member parent or relative deposits $5.00 into your account,
    • The Credit Union deposits a matching $5.00 into your account,
    • That's a total of $10 for each "A"!  (If you get the maximum of five (5) "A's", that's $50 per marking period! Wow!)
  3. Leave the money in your account for future needs and watch it grow, year by year!

If you work hard to make A’s, and bring in your report card (along with your CU member parent or relative & their matching donation) at the end of every marking period, you can launch your post-high school career with a nice head start on your financial future!

*A = 93% or above
**Eligible subjects are: math, reading, writing, history, English, sciences, computer sciences, and spelling.

Please note: The credit union reserves the right to rescind this program at any time.

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