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Visa® Credit Cards

Morrisons Cove 1st FCU Visa cards offer an incredible introductory rate of 6.9% for the first six (6) months, followed by an unmatched 9.9% annual percentage rate going forward. There is no annual fee; any purchases during the introductory rate period will remain at the 6.9% until paid off; and credit limits are available up to $15,000, depending on individual creditworthiness.  

Visa Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure

Lost or Stolen Credit Card
To report a lost or stolen credit card, notify us as soon as possible:
Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm: (814) 224-2744
Or outside of business hours: (800) 543-5073

Morrisons Cove 1st FCU credit or debit card